Harvesting Contracts

Management and harvesting operations can be tailored, to suit the land owners requirements while they can rest assured that works will be carried to a high professional standard.

We work with quality harvesting contractors to ensure that thinning operations are carried out professionally and in a timely manner. We take full control of the harvesting operation and we are flexible with clients as to when harvesting operations take place.

We also purchase timber standing, manage the harvesting operation, carry out the harvesting and marketing of the timber

Crop Assesment

A key part of our harvesting service is supervision to ensure harvesting operators will take the right trees and are harvested to minimise damage to remaining trees and the environment. 

Ensure the maximum saleable product is obtained from thinning and sorted into a higher valuable product as opposed to timber being left in the forest or cut into Pulp.

Manage the felling parameters such as intended volume for removal, tree sizes/stocking etc. and the chosen thinning cycle.

Site Hazard and contractual obligations

Drawing up of timber purchase contract agreement.

Legal requirements – e.g. adherence to felling license conditions and timber harvesting guidelines.

Erection of safety signage and marking of exclusion zones.

Completion of onsite contractors site risk assessment.

All operations will be carried out to minimize risk of accidents.

Ensuring all contractors have adequate insurance.

Timber sales and transport

Ensure payment of deposit prior to timber harvesting.

Once the timber is brought to the roadside, Movements of timber is recorded via a timber docket system to ensure that all timber is accounted for. A camera can also be set up to record all movements if required. At the end of the operation we can provide you with a Post Harvesting Report which reports on volume harvested, financial outcome, mapping and issues arising and next thinning recommendation.

Compile all relevant weight dockets, matching with the forest and sawmill dockets to ensure correct payment to the landowner.

If your plantation is getting to the stage where thinning is required we will assess the suitability of the site for thinning.

This inspection will also allow us to produce a report to contain the following:

  • Stems per hectare
  • Mean tree diameter
  • Mean tree height
  • Mean volume per tree
  • Volume per hectare
  • top height
  • Yield class
  • Threshold Basal area
  • Fitness to thin
  • Thin Details - thinnings to be removed.
  • A management contract can be drawn up and tailored to suit the landowners objectives.
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