Broadleaf Thinning


Funding is available for the tending and thinning of Broadleaf or Mixed broadleaf forests which provides for grant aid for two thinning interventions.  The aim of the scheme is to stimulate investment in the improvement, protection and development of young broadleaf forests for a range of functions, including:

  • Improve the quality of hardwoods being produced thereby increasing the value of the broadleaf forest for the owner
  • Timber production
  • Encourage healthy tree growth
  • Remove nurse species from conifer/ broadleaved mixtures
  • Landscape and biodiversity enhancement



The tending operation readies the plantation for future management operations by removing a number of less-favoured trees. Generally when trees are around 8m top height.


Identification and marking of trees with superior form and vigour from which the final crop will later be chosen (PCTs – Potential Crop Trees)

  • Removal of competing conifer nurses
  • Removal of competitors to the PCTs
  • Removal of diseased trees
  • Removal of overly-large, malformed trees (wolves)
  • Creation of access routes (racks) within plantation blocks for future operations.

Timber marking is recommended to identify potential final crop trees. Thinning control plots should be put in place so as to monitor timber being removed; thinning incorrectly can seriously affect the value of your crop and investment.

Scheme Detail

  • Applies to young Broadleaf plantations planted post 1980
  • Grant aid for tendering or thinning Operations
  • Identifying around 300 PCT’s ‘Potential Crop Trees per hectare
  • First thinning grant aid of up to €750 per hectare
  • Second thinning grant aid up to €500 per hectare