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Native Woodland Scheme

Native woodland tree planting.

The Native Woodland Scheme is an innovative package aimed at protecting and expanding Irelands native woodland resource and associated biodiversity. The Native Woodland Scheme is a key biodiversity measure within Ireland's national forest policy. It also supports a wide range of other benefits and functions arising from native woodlands, relating to landscape, cultural heritage, wood and non-wood products and services, the practice of traditional woodland management techniques, environmental education, and carbon sequestration. There are two elements under the scheme, each with its own grants levels and premiums.

Element 1: Native Woodland Conservation:
This element of the scheme supports the protection and enhancement of existing native woodlands and the conversion, where appropriate, of existing non-native forests to native woodlands.

Landowners under Element 1 may be eligible for a seven year Conservation premium in respect of ongoing work to protect and enhance the native woodland resource.

Element 2: Native Woodland Establishment:
This element of the scheme supports the establishment of new native woodlands on green-field sites. The 1st instalment grant under Element 2 is cost-based up to the maximum grant level of €4490. It covers the cost of establishment. The 2nd instalment is fixed and is payable in year 4 (i.e. 48 months) after the date of completion of the project, up to a maximum of €1260, and is subject to satisfactory maintenance of the woodland.

Premiums are paid annually depending on size of plantation and species plantedup to a maximum of € 635 per hectare.

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